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90 Seconds to Your Custom Fireplace

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by Wayne Holsapple

Over 40 years of experience with all types of fireplaces, fire pits, and fire features, we will have your solution. All site work performed by licensed contractors and paid by the client.

Each project is customized for you and your client. Costs range: $5,000-$50,000.

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Each of our fireplaces is designed especially for your project, totally bespoke. With your vision and our 40 years of experience, the possibilities are endless.



Family-owned and operated for over forty years!



Exclusively designing, engineering, and building custom fireplaces for over 40 years in Phoenix, AZ. ''The Fireplace Guru'' is the title bestowed upon me by my longtime architectural clients. 



SIGNATURE: Custom Architectural 

FIREPLACES: We specialize in designing custom Fireplace units to fit any space or design. Challenge us, "we specialize in it's never been done before."

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by Wayne Holsapple 

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 ...your vision, our 40 years experience, the possibilities are endless.


Questions or comments?  

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email 24/7


What are the types of fireplaces?

VENT FREEVent-free gas logs may be added to an existing approved fireplace or the entire fireplace may be purchased with the burner element as a package. The maximum BTU usage will be 30k BTU and virtually 100% efficient These are not approved in all areas of the U.S. 

B-VENT: These fireplaces can have an open front and glass doors are optional, the venting can be vertical through the ceiling and roof, burners and logs or glass media is a complete part of the fireplace and included with each one. Most will be in the 30-40k BTU usage range.

DIRECT VENT: All have one piece, fixed glass fronts, and may be vented horizontally through the wall and/or vertically. They are classified as heaters and are considered appliances where you can see the flames. 30-40k BTU usage range

WOOD BURNING FIREPLACES: This category includes all types of construction, factory-built Zero Clearance, Masonry, and what we do, ALL CUSTOM. All of these fireplaces allow you to use any type of gas log, gas burner, and one of my personal favorites, wood burning with gas logs together my design for the past 20+ years. Unlimited opportunities for design, if properly constructed.

What is your pricing?

Typical job costs between $5,000 - 50,000, however, every project we are involved in will vary. All of our projects are customized just for you. major credit cards accepted.

What is AHPBA?

In 1984, Wayne Holsapple assisted in forming the original statewide fireplace/wood stove trade association. It has taken a couple of different names since then and now is the Arizona Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, "AHPBA" A national non-for-profit Association.

If someone else built my fireplace, can you fix current issues and work with the design?

If someone else built your fireplace, it may look good but it also needs to function properly.  Some people overlook, or just do not have the experience, to meet all the criteria needed for proper function... this, we can also assist you with. 

We will troubleshoot, inspect and report findings with solutions. Most solutions are remedial corrections and  I have extensive experience in correcting others' problems, this is usually done on a fixed fee basis.

Do you take walk-ins or appointments only? 

We are by appointment only. appointments available 7 days a week. Just call! 602-999-6625

What are your hours?

Monday - Sunday (7 am - 7 pm)

What limitations are there on custom fireplace projects?

Over the years, I have assisted with and created hundreds of unique projects. I will help design YOUR dream. If it can be done safely and structurally sound. I will also work with you and your craftsmen if it is easier, better or more cost-effective. My intention is to help you create the safest, functional, and unique project possible. 

Who started Specialty Fireplaces? 

Wayne Holsapple, "The Fireplace Specialist" is the owner of Specialty Fireplaces by Wayne Holsapple. A mason by trade, he first became interested in fireplace function and construction. Over time he added many other facets of the fireplace business to his experience. Construction, and design, of fireplaces, BBQs, wood and gas and related equipment. 

What areas do you serve?

We serve Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Carefree. Call to see if your area is serviced.


Is work performed by licensed contractors?

Yes. All work is completed by licensed and insured professionals. 

Do you service commercial and residential?

Yes. Our company does both commercial and residential projects. We specialize in luxury custom fireplaces as seen in our projects below; any size, shape, finish, gas and/or wood-burning. Please call or email today with any questions you may have.

What are the benefits of installing a functional firescreen?

Fireplace screens help reduce hazards and risks associated with open fireplaces. They are protective barriers that prevent embers and sparks from escaping your fireplace. An open fireplace can contribute to added heating and cooling costs. Firescreens help to reduce monthly expenses. There are many different styles, colors, designs, and shapes to choose from that will match the decor in your home.

What are the benefits of an outdoor fire feature? 

An outdoor fire feature is often the focal point for the design of your landscape.

Outdoor features provide an anchor to other elements of your landscape and direct your viewer's gaze. Having this focal point helps bring together your outdoor design. Outdoor fire features to upgrade your living space and often help you and your family spend more time outdoors. Sitting by a cozy fire, who doesn't love that? An outdoor fire feature doesn't have to be just for the summer, we custom-build designs to fit your needs and vision so you can enjoy your new design well into fall and early winter. 

What are the benefits of having a gas-log fireplace?

Whether you're looking to make an eco-friendly choice, improve your heating efficiency, or save money, a custom gas log fireplace can help you achieve your vision and more. There is no hassle with gas logs when it comes to getting a fire started. They are incredibly simple to start and can be lighted at the touch of a button or with a match. Gas-log fireplaces are much easier to maintain compared to wood-burning fireplaces and do not require constant cleaning. 

What are the benefits of Fire Glass?

Due to its incredible functionality and beauty, firewood is quickly being replaced by fireglass as an efficient and flexible alternative. You can often find fireglass lining the bottoms of fireplaces in a wide variety of upscale establishments, such as fine dining restaurants, rooftop bars, and hotels. Fireglass has quickly become a popular choice for outdoor firepit embellishments and is attributed to modern luxury decor. Fireglass is low maintenance, eco-friendly, and beautiful. 

What is your full contact information?

T: 602.999.6625


2680 E Mohawk Lane #15
Phoenix AZ 85050



"So with that said let's get to work and allow me to put my experience to work for you and maybe even enjoy a laugh or two along the way! " -Wayne Holsapple

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