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My name is Wayne Holsapple, "The Fireplace Specialist". I am the owner of  Specialty Fireplaces by Wayne Holsapple. I am a mason by trade, this is how I first became  interested in fireplace function and construction. Over time I added  many other facets of the fireplace business to my experience. Construction, and design, of fireplaces, BBQ's, wood and gas and related equipment.  I  know of no one, who has the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge in fireplaces that I have gained over the  past 30+ years.


I have been living and doing business in the Valley of the Sun since 1979.  In 1981 I opened a fireplace store called "THE FIREPLACE SPECIALISTS". We soon became leaders in our industry, locally and regionally.  I closed the store in 1991 in order to narrow my focus one more time. I now focus exclusively on specialty fireplace projects. We design, build, trouble shoot and  manufacture custom fireplaces, firescreens, glass doors and related special pieces.  I consult with  and provide products and services for builders and architects in Arizona and a few around the USA.  


In 1984, I assisted in forming our original statewide fireplace/wood stove trade association. It has taken a couple of different names since then and now is the Arizona Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association, "AHPBA" A national not for profit Association.


I have been called "THE FIREPLACE GURU" (their words not mine), by several of the architectural firms I work with. I simply ask my architects and designers to dream and allow me to bring their vision to reality. Over the years, I have assisted with and created hundreds of unique projects.


I will help design YOUR dream, if it can be done safely and structurally sound! 


I have a group of skilled technicians, craftsmen and, artisans that I have worked with  for years to produce some of the most beautiful, unique, functional designs in steel, masonry, glass, gas and/or wood burning and a number of combinations of these materials.


I will also work with you and your craftsmen, if it is easier, better or more cost effective. My intention is to help you create a safe, functional and the most beautiful and unique project possible. 


If  someone else built  your fireplace, it may look good but  it also needs to function properly.  Some people over look, or just do not have the experience, to meet all the criteria needed for proper function.... This ,we can also assist you with. 


We will troubleshoot, inspect and report findings with solutions. Most solutions are remedial corrections and  I have extensive experience in correcting others problems, this is usually done on a fixed fee basis.


I have used the "FOR YOUR EVERY BURNING DESIRE" tag line for over twenty years. I do not take myself too serious, but my work, I take very serious.


So with that said let's get to work and allow me to put my experience to work for you and  maybe even enjoy a laugh or two along the way! 


always looking forward, 


Wayne Holsapple

Jeff & I having a laugh in Atlanta!


Atlanta GA,  HPBA 3-1-12



by Wayne Holsapple 

(602) 999-6625


 ...your vision, our 40 years experience, the possibilities are endless.


Questions or comments?  

(602) 999-6625   7am- 7pm 

email 24/7

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